AHRC PHD Studentship

Get in contact if you are interested in applying to a fully-funded AHRC collaborative doctoral award programme with McCann Manchester on VR and AR in relation to "outdoor advertising". More info in NEWS section.

Transdisciplinary Design: Milan 2017

Find out about our EU Transdisciplinary Design Network on "Emerging Models of Transdisciplinarity: Driving Business, Technology & Design Innovation". More info and a short documentary film in our PORTFOLIO.

Global Cities Forum

Prof Richard Koeck gives talk on "digital urban heritage" at the "Global Cities Forum” in Shanghai/China October 30, 2016. Hosted by Shanghai Jiao Tong University, United Nations Human Settlements Program, the World Bank.

Global Cities Forum

Mike Taulty from Mircosoft gives demonstration of Hololens; a ground-breaking Mixed Reality (MR) innovation, which soon will change the landscape of architecture and design industries. More CAVA MR updates soon.

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Innovate UK: Design Foundations

It was recently announced that Spark Compass UK and CAVA have won the Innovate UK "Design Foundation" competition to develop new "intelligent, real-time, hyper-local screen-based OoH marketing" innovation.

Resilient Urban Ecosystem (RUE) Network

Dr Kocaturk and Prof Koeck have won a Knowledge Exchange grant with ARUP. The team will establish a new international research network, comprised of world-leading partners in urban sustainability and urban resilience.

Emerging Models of Transdisciplinarity

Dr Kocaturk and Prof Koeck win funding to establish EU consortium between the University of Liverpool, the Hochschule Anhalt/DIA Bauhaus in Dessau/Germany, and the European Institute of Design (IED) in Turin/Italy.     

British Academy Fellowship

Dr Carla Molinari has been awarded the 2016 British Academy fellowship by the Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei in Rome. Her research looks at the influence of Sergei Eisenstein in the work of Peter Greenaway. 

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Opening Exhibition at RIBA NORTH

Visitors of RIBA North can watch a newly commissioned two-screen documentary film and several animations films by Monika Koeck, reflecting on the theme ‘Liverpool(e): Mover, Shaker, Architectural Risk-Taker’. More information, see "news".

Presentation at Houses of Parliament

The "Open Planning" mobile application, developed by Prof Koeck, Red Ninja and other partners,  is showcased as best practice project at the All-Party Parliamentary Design and Innovation Group at the House of Commons in London. 

Video Installation: Béton Armé & Écrans Urbains

Richard Koeck shows his observational films "beton armé" and "écrans urbanise", both shot in Paris in 2015, as part of the Libidinal Circuits conference at FACT. 

Video Installation: Moment 2:45

Pooya Sanjari shows his video installation at FACT, as part of the Libidinal Circuits conference. Moment 2:45 offers simultaneous vantage points of Liverpool “urban circuits” from 20 different locations.

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Real  |  virtual  |  Mixed Realities


We look at architecture and cities with different eyes.        

The Centre for Architecture and the Visual Arts (CAVA)  is a research centre situated in the School of Architecture, University of Liverpool. We are interested in representational and lived spaces – the study of urban phenomena and practices – and often work on theoretical and practical intersections between analogue and digital culture in the context of architecture and cities.

We take inspiration from

"Architecture no longer can (if it ever could) be understood as an autonomous medium of mass, space and light but now serves as the constructed ground for encountering and extracting meaning from cross-connected flows of aural, textual and graphic and digital information through global networks."

W. J. Mitchell, Placing Words: Symbols, Space, and the City (MIT Press, 2005)


What they Say?

CAVA provides a stimulating environment to work with  experts in architecture, creative technologies, cultural industries, film/video, advertising/marketing, as well as award-winning artists. 

Richard Koeck, Director of CAVA  


What they Say?

The research activities of the Centre are underpinned by the cultural approach to architecture and the visual arts introduced at the University of Liverpool by Colin Rowe and James Stirling.

Marco Iuliano, CAVA Research Director


What they Say?

Our longstanding relationship with CAVA has enabled high value collaborations, such as several collaborative doctorate awards, publications, international conferences/symposia and much more.

Roger McKinley, Research & Innovation Manager, FACT


What they Say?

"We are a design-led technology grown in Liverpool and working across the world. Working with CAVA and the University of Liverpool has transformed our business."

Lee Omar, CEO Red Ninja


What they Say?

Working at CAVA at the University of Liverpool gave me the opportunity to connect my research to key cultural organisations in the city such as FACT.

Pooya Sanjari, PhD student


What they Say?

I am pursuing a collaborative doctoral research with FACT - funded by the AHRC -
which gives me a critical perspective on the value of art and insight into curatorial activities.

David Ogle, PHd Student  


What they Say?

My collaborative doctoral research with McCann Manchester is funded by the AHRC and looks in leading-edge virtual and augmented reality applications in the context of outdoor urban advertising.

Michael Verity, PHd Student  

What we research

Interdisciplinary Spatial theory and practice

film & Architecture

We undertake research into the representation of space/architecture in film as well as theoretical and practical implications of filmic/cinematic qualities of architecture and cities.


We have expertise into questions that regard how space, architecture and cities are increasingly characterised by and extended into digital and virtual forms of representation.


We are interested in how urban form and the architectural fabric of cities inform city placemaking – e.g. from morphological, planning, sociological, cultural, artistic, and heritage perspectives.

outdoor advertising

We work on theories and creative concepts that regard outdoor advertising as integrated, responsive and individualised means capable of transforming urban form and lived experiences.


With expertise that encompasses a broad and multi-faceted approach to maps and map-making, CAVA explores the mixed- and multi-media possibilities of mapping in the digital age.


We explore the cultural production and consumption of space and place, and the interdisciplinary cross-currents of practice and performance that underpin spatial humanities approaches to cities.

our Expertise

Research Tools & Methods  

Digital Film
Augmented/Mixed Reality
GIS/GPS Mapping
3d Animation  
Stereoscopic Vision
locative Media
our fields of operations

KNOWLEDGE about the image of cities


We pursue interdisciplinary research in areas such as film/architecture, digital/virtual space, mapping/cartography, city branding/marketing and spatial anthropology.


We work with city stakeholders, such as city councils, planning authorities, museums and galleries, industry partners, and the public to change the way see and engage with space, architecture and cities. 

creative practice

CAVA researchers often use creative practices such as moving images, installations, augmented/virtual reality or mobile and location-based technologies as proof of concept for their research.  


We have a track record of producing internationally excellent (3*) and world-leading (4*) publications returned to the UK Higher Education Research Excellence Framework (REF).

Traditional & Design-Based research

CAVA research Portfolio


Contact Us

University of Liverpool | School of Architecture
Leverhulme Building, Abercromby Square | Liverpool, L69 7ZN 

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