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Intelligent Data-Driven Design Futures

Although the potentials are vast, our sector is slow to adopt the data-driven approaches. In order to progress as a sector, we need to raise our capacity to “intelligently” share, capture, measure, process and translate data and convert it into meaningful and actionable information. Technology and digital media/tools, however, cannot be considered as the only force that is currently re-shaping architectural industry. Through the use of diverse media and technologies, new networks, collaboration styles, and work practices have also emerged and in turn have facilitated the development of new methods to deal with the emerging knowledge and complexity affecting the ways in which the technology is applied and used.

With this symposium, we aimed to raise questions and to provoke a debate about “intelligent use of data” and the potentials that “data-driven innovation” holds in the AEC sector. Through presentations and discussions, the symposium aimed to explore the transformational potential of embedding big-data, computation, artificial intelligence, and real-time connectivity into the conception and realization of buildings for a sustainable built habitat.

The presentations from key professionals challenged the “business as usual” mode of thinking and proposed diverse insights and perspectives for more agile and adaptive solutions for the future, and in discovering new modes of imagining, creating and operating for a future-resilient built environment.

See link below for: Intelligent Data-Driven Design Futures Report


Friday. 11 May 2016

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