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CAVA launches world's first Mixed Reality Heritage Experience at UNESCO World Heritage Site


CAVA has led a collaboration with Culture Liverpool, Immersive Storylab, Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts, CineTecture and Draw and Code, to develop a ground-breaking participatory and immersive mixed reality experience. This brought togetherworld-leading researchers with BAFTA winning writer Rosemary Kay, a world-class performing arts organisation and immersive technology experts to create a pioneering hybrid spatial experience. The project was led by Prof Richard Koeck and Peter Woodbridge.

The location-based prototype was produced for one of city's most iconic heritage buildings – the 19th century St George’s Hall (Harvey Lonsdale Elmes, built 1841–1854), which is an intrinsic part of Liverpool’s UNESCO World Heritage Site. Two launch events are hosted by CAVA who provide guests with the opportunity to immerse themselves into the famous court case of Florence Maybrick who was accused of poisoning her husband, and taken on a journey back in time to experience and feel what it was like to encounter Liverpool’s late Victorian prison and justice system.

The team created an immersive mixed reality experience, combining 3D projection mapping, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Live Performances that  produces an entirely new kind of digital visitor experience. but more than that, with the support of Microsoft's Mixed Reality team in the US, the CAVA team created the world's first volumetrically filmed (3D holograms) UNESCO heritage experience using Microsoft's HoloLens system.


Monday. 03 June 2019

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