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Fantasia Express and AR Train KiK

The digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertsing industry conventionally relies on a national network of connected large video screens to communicate with the public. However, the public are increasingly consuming digital out-of-home content via their smartphones and wearable devices.

CAVA is working alongside creative technology company Meyouandus, Virgin Trains East Coast and AR specialists Corporation Pop on a project that looks at placing locative  DOOH content within a moving rail carriage. The project is led by CAVA researcher Alastair Eilbeck.

The Fantasia Express and AR train kit is a 12-month project funded by the government's Department for Transport to explore innovation within the rail industry. This project is looking at how a DOOH experience can be envisioned and realised within a moving train carriage; using, for instance, augmented reality (AR) technology to convert the windows into a virtual screen canvas that can be used to present locative based content to passengers.

By focusing on AR delivered through the lens of an individual’s mobile device, this project will also ask questions about how future mixed reality experience may be embedded within moving vehicles. The project will reveal new story worlds in the city, encourage urban exploration and highlight AI-powered new ways of audience/visitor engagement with with static forms of public art.

Using the power of technology built into today’s mobile phones, the R&D project will show the potential artificial intelligence enhancing the digital experience of place. 


Sunday. 15 Apr 2018

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