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Virtual Reality Liverpool: RIBA NORTH

This Research and Development project (R&D) is looking to new ways to engage audiences in interactive, immersive technologies, which will allow people who are interested in the architectural heritage of the city to audio-visually perceive the city in unprecedented ways.

The project is led by Richard and Monika Koeck who are jointly working on an interactive virtual reality (VR) installation that will allow visitors situated in Liverpool and abroad to immerse themselves into a high-resolution, 360 degree, stereoscopically filmed settings of Liverpool. The project takes inspiration from a documentary film which Monika produced for the opening of RIBA North entitled – Liverpool: Movers, Shakers, Architectural Risk Takers.

This experimental virtual reality (VR) installation  will merge archive material with film footage shot recently on at key architectural heritage sites in the city, blending the past and present of Liverpool into a single user experience. Users of the immersive installation will be able to navigate virtually between landmark buildings and architectural sites, spanning from the Anglian Cathedral to the Liver Building on the city’s waterfront. The project will be showcased at the International Business Festival in June 2018.


Monday. 12 Feb 2018

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