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Snap Cycles

Snapcycles is a creative re-imagining of public bike share schemes, using simple mobile technology that would allow such bikes to be placed within a wider narrative and cultural context of their host city.

The project envisions that percentage of the bikes will be branded to draw attention to, for instance, local landmarks, famous resident, city inventions and ideas. These bikes will also be equipped with a large red button that activates a GPS enabled camera on the front of the bike. People who hire these special bikes and press the red button will see their photographs posted onto a dedicated social media channel. (@johnlennonbike).

The idea is to embed creativity and connection to place within a conventional public transport infrastructure. To offer people a simple way to learn about and feel being part of the city and its cultural narrative.

The project is developed and led by CAVA researcher Alastair Eilbeck, who will work with CAVA to  create an early POC prototype to be displayed at the International Business Festival in June 2018.


Sunday. 15 Apr 2018

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