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Augmented Reality: Recreating Sir Edwin Lutyen’s unbuilt Cathedral

CAVA and Liverpool immersive technology company Draw & Code are collaborating on a new augmented reality (AR) application that is designed to contextualise Sir Edwin Lutyen’s (1869–1944) 1930s design for what would have been the second-largest church in the world, with the the world's largest dome with a diameter of 51 m compared to the 42 m diameter on St. Peter's Basilica in Vatican City. Although Lutyen’s crypt has been completed, rising costs and the Second World War prevented the gigantic Cathedral to ever be completed – until today.

Using the power of technology built into today’s mobile phones, such as sensors and image recognition technology, the R&D project will digitally reconstruct the cathedral on the site on Mount Pleasant. The project is kindly supported by RIBA North, who are providing some of Lutyen’s original sketches. An elaborate 3D model and input into the history of the cathedral is provided by Dr Nick Webb, School of Architecture.


Monday. 12 Feb 2018

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