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CX Creative Exchange: Open Planning

CX Creative Exchange: Open Planning (AHRC 2013).

The Creative Exchange was set up in 2012 to develop an experimental new knowledge exchange network to generate value in the UK’s creative sector. In the four years since the start of the project, we have united 120 researchers in the arts and humanities with 180 partners in industry, publicly funded bodies and community groups to research and prototype innovative new services, products and experiences related to the emergence of a digital public space in the UK.  This project falls under the  ‘Public Service Innovation and Democracy’ cluster and is being led by Lancaster University; Prof. R. Koeck (CAVA) is the lead of 6 academic researchers; core partners include Liverpool Vision, StardotStar Ltd, and Red Ninja Ltd.

Open Planning: Rethinking the Urban Planning Process in the Digital Space is a project led jointly by the University of Lancaster and University of Liverpool with the Liverpool City Council Planning Department and Red Ninja Ltd. as key partners. With over 460,000 planning applications recorded in 2012 in England alone (DCLG National Statistics 2013), the planning system plays a key role in the shaping of our urban landscape, the places where we work, live and socialise. Open Planning has developed and piloted an idea that shows how digital locative media innovation could transformation the planning application process in the UK.  

As Creative Exchange project reaches its conclusion, Open Planning has been selected as best practice project and to showcase the value created by the network, and to debate the implications for digital public space, the creative industries and public policy – in the Northern Powerhouse and beyond. Prof Richard Koeck, Director of the Centre for Architecture and the Visual Arts (CAVA), will introduce the project and team at:  

Churchill Room, House of Commons 4-6pm, Tuesday 24th November


Friday. 30 July 2013

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