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Monday. 12 Oct 2020

RIBA Architectural Tour of Liverpool

CAVA presents the "RIBA  Architectural Tour of Liverpool" -- a contextualised, realtime, mobile and AR heritage experience.

"Annie’s brother was one of the lucky ones. When the new Bluecoat School opened in 1718, they took in just 50 poor children to be given an education, board and lodging, and he was one of them. He looked so smart in his blue uniform."

This is just one example of over 150 stories, based on real events, that a team of researchers have created for a new and bespoke Liverpool City Heritage experience, that aims to highlight  not only Liverpool's rich architectural heritage, but also the story of many events and people that shaped the city over time. The Liverpool City Council, has commissioned CAVA is to work on the EU-funded ROCK Cultural Heritage Leading Urban Futures project. CAVA is leading a collaboration with RIBA and RIBA North, FeedAR and Constructive Thinking to produce a groundbreaking new heritage tool and user experience. The "RIBA Liverpool Architecture Tour" combines a progressive web app walking tour and augmented reality exhibition of Liverpool  that invites users and visitors to "walk my city". The project led by Prof Richard Koeck and Alastair Eilbeck and will be presented as a beta version on 28 October at the ROCK Open Knowledge Week 27-30 October 2020.

Copyright: The images in the header and below are from The Illustrated London News by kind permission of (c) Illustrated London News/Mary Evans Picture Library.

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