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EU Network on Transdisplinary Design

Tuba Kocaturk and Richard Koeck have formed a pan-European “transdisciplinary design network” which consists of four consortium partners: University of Liverpool (UoL) in UK, the Hochschule Anhalt/DIA at the Bauhaus in Dessau/Germany, and the European Institute of Design (IED) in Turin/Italy, MVADV in Rotterdam/Netherlands to initiate and spearhead a leading-edge debate on emerging models of transdisciplinarity with the aim of exploring cross-sector impact pathways in INDUSTRY, RESEARCH and EDUCATION. The network draws attention to a global paradigm shift which has begun to transform existing models of innovation and impact in the UK and elsewhere.

Transdisciplinarity differs from interdisciplinary in terms that it is a “[…] higher stage succeeding interdisciplinary relationships . . . which would not only cover interactions or reciprocities between specialised research projects, but would place these relationships within a total system without any firm boundaries between disciplines” (Piaget, 1972). In the context of design, transdisciplinarity can be seen as:

(a) a response to current and future challenges facing the design professions globally;

b) a mechanism to drive new/disruptive businesses, technologies and innovation in UK and beyond.

The 1st international symposium took place in London in collaboration with our partners and the UK Design Council (see film). Further presentations are planned for the Milan Design Week 2017: the Fuorisalone in preperation for our 2nd international symposium in Milan in the fall of 2017. Further announcements will follow.


Friday. 27 Jan 2017

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