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THE Image of VeloCITY

Henry Lefebvre draws attention to the interrelation of space and time in the understanding of everyday life. In Rhythmanalysis (1992) he argues that we often confuse rhythm with movement, speed, a sequence of movements or objects. But what if there was a way to visualise moving bodies in the city; what if we were able to show how architectural space is occupied, shaped and painted by the act of moving through space? Does digital technology allow us to isolate the 4th dimension from our perception and how does this contribute to our understanding of the rhythm of a place?

Combing a technique introduced by CAVA PhD student Niek Turner with the art of digital interpretation of moving image data by Monika Koeck, allows us to visualise and study urban movement patters and rhythms in fascinating ways. What we came up with is the ability to see something similar to a heat map; yet, instead of tracking movement in the form of a top-down analysis of an abstract space, we can visualise a "movement map" at eye level that gives unprecedented insight into everyday urban life practices. We have called this approach the "Image of VeloCity".


Monday. 15 June 2015

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