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Ghost Cinema app

Cinematic Geographies of Battersea: Urban Interface and Site-Specific Spatial Knowledge (AHRC, 2012-13).

GhostCinema was developed for the Apple iPhone during 2013, for the AHRC-funded project: Cinematic Geographies of Battersea, Urban Interface and Site-Specific Spatial Knowledge, by the Universities of Cambridge, Liverpool and Edinburgh, in partnership with the Survey of London at English Heritage. The application was developed as an exploration of how a sense of temporal ubiquity might be constructed through the use of historical cinematic material, as it becomes re-associated with the urban context of Battersea. Battersea has been home to at least 27 documented cinemas, as well as being the site of over 600 films shot in and around this residential inner-city district of south London. The application uses GPS technology to locate where the user of the app is, and correlate this with digital media associated with that place. The experience of receiving historical footage, whilst standing in the place where it was shot on camera or shown in a cinema, as well as the use of social networks to share these experiences, forms a ‘transformative recognition’ of how Battersea has changed through time.

See: Speed, Barker and Thomas in Cinematic Urban Geographies (Palsgrave, forthcoming)


Friday. 30 July 2015

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