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The Survey of London: Mobile Access to Urban Audio Archives (UoL, 2013)

This Knowledge Exchange project is lead by Prof. R Koeck (CAVA) with Amblr LLP as lead partner; it is underpinned by the AHRC-funded research project, Cinematic Geographies of Battersea (2012-13). CGB investigates previously unexplored mobile, kinetic and kinesthetic ways of stitching archival material directly into physical urban environments. The feasibility study aims to create an interactive audio guide as ‘live demonstrator’, called BatterCTrax.

Underlying the project is a new way of using global positioning and locative technology to bring together academic research with an engaging and easy to use interface, which will be reaching people across the range from young to old. The novelty of this idea lies in the retrieval and selection of audio text though so-called ‘geo-fencing’ while at the same time paying attention to story telling. The system will retrieve and edit audio text through the geographical location of the user; i.e. audio information is being triggered and selected by the movement and location of the user creating a unique and immersive narrative experience.


Friday. 30 July 2013

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