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Zhuozhang Li

As an urban scholar in everyday spatial politics, Zhuozhang Li’s research is established at the intersection of urban studies, visual cultural studies and critical theories.

He completed his PhD at CAVA, University of Liverpool in 2022. By highlighting Hong Kong urban cinema as an archive of descriptions of how the city is being lived and practised, his thesis developed a cinematic urban tectonic study to discover the hidden thread fabricated by multiple pieces that all relate to the production of everyday urban space. In 2016, he graduated with an MA (distinction) in Urban Design and the 50th Anniversary Alumni Prize at the University of Sheffield, and completed a BEng in Urban Planning at the Northwest University (China) with a First Class Scholarship in 2014. He is currently a Research Associate at the University of Cambridge, working on the Cambridge Room project with local communities and groups.

Prior to Cambridge, he taught and guest lectured at several places, including Canterbury School of Architecture, Liverpool School of Architecture, Hong Kong Academy of Film, Sheffield School of Architecture, Bauhaus Dessau Foundation, Beijing Institute of Technology and Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts. Alongside teaching, his recent research-led curatorial and/or artistic practice includes ‘Location, Imagination and Transformation (Hong Kong Design Trust, 2024)’, ‘Planting and Placemaking (UCA & Metal Liverpool, 2024)’, ‘Traces Under the Surface (Beijing, 2023)’, ‘Entre las Flores (Granada, 2022)’, and ‘Knowledge is Power (Tate Liverpool, 2020)’.