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PhD student, CAVA

Yang song

PhD Candidate
Yang Song is an architectural student and a multidisciplinary designer from China who has been working for a number of years across projects that converge architecture design, augmented reality, digital fabrication and immersive design. He has a degree in Architecture Design from China, and a M-Arch Degree in Architectural Design from the Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London (UCL).

He is working in CAVA on a practice-based research project that is based on the assumption that we are living in the age in which digital augmentation and digital machines have become an inseparable part of our daily lives. His research studies Augmented Reality (AR), using virtual technologies as a methodological approach to explore the interaction between human, robot and data and their mutual relationships throughout immersive design and fabrication processes.

His PhD research aim is to explore the possibilities of AR for complex and large discrete component structures and will investigate an AR-led workflow models connecting immersive design to component assembly. His new workflow model will incorporate AR with real time design, assembly instruction and human-robot interaction. He hopes to come up with a model that is not only time-saving and efficient, but also embraces a man-machine collaborative immersive design process through the innovative us of AR.