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Nemeh Rihani

CAVA Alumni
Nemeh Rihani holds a PhD in architecture and immersive technology applications from the University of Liverpool’s School of Architecture. He has been a member of the Centre for Architecture and the Visual Arts (CAVA) since 2018. His expertise centres upon applying Extended Reality (XR) installations to develop new enhanced user Mixed Reality experiences and interactive Virtual Heritage applications in various cultural heritage contexts.

He is a practising registered architect professional with a solid research background, author, industry experience and a teaching portfolio. He conducted various practice-based research projects, delivered keynotes/workshops, and published (including journals, peer-reviewed book chapters, and conference proceedings) in the areas of 3D digital reconstruction and enhancing users’ experiences, developing interactive, immersive experiences, virtual/physical place-making, and 3D virtual environments. In addition, he managed several workshops and practice-based design studios exploring the creative, collaborative, and innovative adoption of digital tools, media technologies and immersive technologies applications in 3D virtual reconstruction and (re-)exploring heritage contexts.

Rihani has recently got a faculty teaching position in Jordan at Al-Hussein Technical University (HTU) as an Assistant Professor in the School of Built Environment Engineering (SBEE) Department of Architectural Engineering. He is also involved with some (non-)governmental organisations in Jordan and abroad as a chief technical advisor and designer for developing improved interactive heritage Mixed Reality experiences in different heritage sites and museums in MENA.