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PhD student, CAVA

Wuwu Ran

PhD Candidate
Digital innovations are increasingly unleashing an ever-growing repertoire of ways to see and sense the architecture and spaces in augmented ways. Most of such spatial experiences are currently occurring in indoor environments and in the context of art installations. This, however, enables us to think about future possibilities for immersive experiences entering the domain of public urban spaces. I further believe that digital augmentations or enhancements to urban environments could become more commonplace in the near future.

My thesis will therefore study such future possibilities and explore of what could be described as augmented space that is filled with hyperlocal content. How would we re-define such immersive experience; what condition are necessary for such an evolution to take place, what shape are they like to take; and how will they be placed in and change the quality of urban public space? The aim of my research is to show that urban digitally enhanced urban experiences should be seen being capable to offer more than creating opportunities to place advertising and stage urban spectacles. Instead, we might want to think about a deeper engagement with the public, creating meaningful experiences, making dense urban environments places for a better life.