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Michael Otchie

PhD Alumni
Dr Michael Otchie completed his Ph.D in Architecture and Cinema at the University of Liverpool in 2013 and now works as an analyst at the architecture and design firm Gensler in Toronto, Canada. Working with both design and consulting teams, Michael is involved with the development and successful implementation of spaces that are reflective of contemporary working culture.

Michael has a broad range of experiences that includes architectural design, academic research, journalism, and teaching, all of which contributes to a sophisticated understanding of the relationship between design and experience. Michael’s research interests focus upon examining the unconventional uses of buildings and urban spaces that challenge their intended function, his primary vehicle for doing this has been his in depth examination of the emerging urban activity Parkour. Through this type of research, Michael has been involved with a number of projects that seek to provide alternative insights into the potential opportunities offered by spaces that are created by architects and designers.