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Tuba Kocaturk

PhD (Delft University of Technology) MSc Building Science (METU)
Tuba Kocaturk is a Reader in Digital Architecture. She studied and practiced Architecture in Turkey. She holds a PhD degree in Architecture and Building Technology, from TUDelft (Netherlands) where she also worked as a member of the Hyperbody Research Group. Her research centres upon the creative, generative and collaborative use of digital technology in architectural and urban design. She has lectured, conducted research and workshops, and published extensively in the areas of IT impact on Design practice and Design learning (including the socio-technical and socio-cognitive dimensions) and Design Knowledge Modelling/Visualization.

She has co-authored the books: “Virtual Prototyping in Design, Construction and Procurement” (2008, Wiley), and “Distributed Intelligence in Design” (2011, Wiley). Both books have been shown as the key publications in their field setting the agenda for the future of cross-disciplinary integrated design, and digitally networked collaborative design practices.