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 CAVA Postdoctoral REsesearch Associate

Clarice Hilton

PhD candidate (Goldsmiths)
Clarice Hilton is a Research Associate on the AHRC Shaun the Sheep project, where she is responsible for working on developing the virtual environment tests, running experiments and developing machine learning interactions. She is also a doctoral candidate in the Department of Computing at Goldsmiths University. In Clarice’s PhD she is developing design processes and tools for immersive media interaction design that are based in queer critical disability design in the context of art and dance. She developed InteractML an open-source interactive machine learning tool for designing movement interaction in Unity and Unreal as part of the 4i research project at Goldsmiths. She is also a creative technologist and immersive artist who has toured work globally at Tribeca Film Festival, IDFA Doclab, Sandbox Immersive Festival and Venice Film Festival.a

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