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ReSEarch Fellow

Marina Guo

PhD (Economics,  Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences)
Master of Arts and Bachelor (International Business)
Dr. Marina Guo is a cultural entrepreneur, strategist and researcher.  She works internationally as Advisor of Global Partnerships at World Cities Culture Forum (WCCF), which is a network of city governments and cultural leaders from over 40 world cities. She is the doctoral supervisor of DBA program at University of Otago (New Zealand) and Shanghai Jiao Tong University (China). She is also an advisor of Global Partnerships for the World Cities Culture Forum.

Dr. Guo has extensive experiences in research, innovation and teaching at a number of research institutes and universities. As former head of Arts Management program, Marina has 6 year’s experience in teaching in performing arts and business. Her research interest has been in field of creative economy, arts management, cultural tourism, urban culture and talent development. She is the author of Creative Transformation and contributed to a number of research reports published in English and Chinese.

Dr. Guo has developed an outstanding competence in intercultural communications and stakeholder management in international partnerships in culture and entertainment sector.  By working across industry-academia sectors, she advises a range of clients in public and private sectors on the development of creative economy, cultural tourism, international business, place-making & operational strategy, talent development program and beyond.

In recent years, she has been exploring the tech-culture interwoven potential of embedding digital creativity, story-telling and business model innovation into the conception of immersive experience and its application in cultural tourism and urban place-making. In collaboration with Prof. Richard Koeck, she is contributing her expertise to UK-China academic-industry partnership and AHRC granted research agenda around multi-disciplinary approach of next generation immersive experience with policy implications.