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PhD student, CAVA

Gönül Budancamanak

PhD Candidate
Architectural Representation in the context of Cinematic Arts and Immersive Technologies

This research aims to investigate our relationship with space and spatial settings. While the meaning of the invisible emerges by the use of digital media in creating space, this meaning is not in the presence of space, but in the feelings, it evokes in the observer. This reality may not correspond to the existence of the physical space, it may be diametrically opposed to its reality, or it may further emphasise the existence of the space.  

In this context, the aim of this study is to determine the effects of spatial design, as well as to examine the formation of the phenomenon of space which constitutes the common denominator of cinema and architecture with its new forms of representation and to investigate its effects on cinema space by benefitting today's digital technological developments. In this study, it is questioned how much the architectural representation forms can relate to the daily life and the subject’s urban experience. It also queries how virtualization will have an impact on the spatial plane at the point where technology comes from.