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 CAVA Postdoctoral REsesearch Associate

Christopher Baker

PhD candidate (Liverpool John Moores University),  BA hons. (Brunel University)
Christopher Baker recently submitted his doctoral thesis, entitled Emotional Responses in Virtual Reality Environments a Human Computer Interaction studies the effect of manipulating perceived threat within a virtual environment to better understand psychological profiling within VR test environments. He is now working as a postdoctoral Research Associate in CAVA where he combines his computational and creative skills to work on ground-breaking innovation.  

Christopher Baker has a background in Film & Computer Game Design (Brunel University) and has been working in industry in the UK and US with technologies that extend the capacity for humans to interact with technology and how this continuously evolving dialogue shapes industry and the broader society. In terms of technical skills, Christopher has expertise in data analysis in R and Python, using traditional statistical and machine learning models to predict human behaviour in virtual environments.

In CAVA, Christopher is combining his computer science background with his passion for realtime game engine technologies, such as Unreal Engine, which increasingly finds application for the visualisation of architectural design in education and practice. He is currently working with Prof Koeck, Dr Luo and the film company Aardman on the ARHC project Shaun the Sheep: Immersive Experience in Shanghai, where he will further his research through studying human interactions in real world, location-based environments, filled with live audiences, virtual characters and AI driven entities.

He recently published in Nature Scientific Reports; Baker, C., Pawling, R. & Fairclough, S. Assessment of threat and negativity bias in virtual reality. Sci Rep 10, 17338 (2020).
Link to Publication - Nature Scientific